Our goal at Vita-Scribe is provide a great nutritional supplement management software that is easy to use. We are always working to make our product better. To help you with any questions you may have about our software, we have compiled some Frequently Asked Questions.

Please note that this video is from a previous version (1.0.3)*. Although considerable changes have been made, the changes do not affect the basic descriptions and operations contained within this video overview.

The most substantial change occurred in version 2.1.2 in which we added an additional 420 products and the software now features a list of 788 products from five different manufacturers including Anabolic Labratories, Metagenics, MetiHerb, Nutri-Dyn, and Standard Process.

*See software version update details below video.

Vita-Scribe Overveiw

System Requirements
Vita-Scribe, Nutritional Supplement Management Software is available for two operating systems, Windows or MAC. To install and run Vita-Scribe software on your computer, you need to be using Windows 7 or Windows 8, MAC OS X 7 or greater. For full details of software requirements, see system requirements located towards the bottom of the product detail page.

Hard Copy of Software
Vita-Scribe Nutritional Supplement Management Software is for sale on the official website, or at events attended by Vita-Scribe sales representatives. All copies of the software are obtained via electronic download through our website only. No physical, hard copies of the Vita-Scribe software have been, or will be produced for sale.

Networking Capability
Current the Vita-Scribe Nutritional Supplement Software has been created for a single end user, and does not have the ability to join a networked system.

Software Updates

2.1.3 Minor system updates and printer adjustments.

2.1.2 Added an additional 420 products and now features a growing list of 788 products from five different manufacturers! Current Manufacturers include Anabolic Labratories, Metagenics, MetiHerb, Nutri-Dyn, and Standard Process.

2.0.1 Under Inventory, we updated tab to read “Inventory/Order”. Removed any products not needing to be ordered, or showing zeros. Added Fax number to Product Details tabs which will also appear on Inventory Order Report and printout. Created a yellow and red indicator alert for Evaluation Dates which are past due. Added a “Patient Notes” tab under the Patient Details section. Created alert notice on the Patient lists which indicates if a patient is past their next evaluation date and or needs products which need to be refilled.

1.0.3 Adjusted print screens to better fit 8.5×11 letter paper. Added refill date and number of bottles needed to patient schedule printouts. Created a yellow and red indicator alert for products which require refills.

1.0.1 Addition of Single Use and End Regiment Date features

0.9.5 Beta Test Version

0.9.0 Original Beta Version

After your purchase is complete you will receive 2 emails, 1) from PayPal confirming your transaction, 2) will be an email  from our Vita-Scribe system. This second email will have a link for you to download your software. NOTE: If you do not see your second email from Vita-Scribe in your email inbox, please check your Spam Folder.

Follow the instructions below for installing your software. * Please make sure you are on the computer you want to install and run Vita-Scribe on.

1.Disable any security or antivirus software before downloading.

2. Download your software.

To download, find the download link on the order conformation email sent from our Vita-Scribe system. If you did not receive an email in your inbox, please check your Spam Folder.

Depending on your browser, you may receive a warning about downloading the software. Click “Keep” to continue download.

3. Drag your zipped file from the download folder to your desktop.

Double click on the file to uncompress it. Your installer will be located inside the unzipped folder.

Double click on VitaScribe.pkg to start installation and follow installation instructions.

You will get a message that states: “VitaScribe.pkg” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer. Click “OK”

4. Go to your System Preferences> Security and Privacy > General Tab click on the lock in bottom left corner to unlock the screen. You will see towards the bottom of the window a message:  “VitaScribe.pkg” was blocked from opening because it is not from an identified developer.” – CLICK “OPEN ANYWAY”

5. You may receive the same error message as step #3. 

You will get a message that states: “VitaScribe.pkg” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer. Click “OK”


6. Close out of your Security & Privacy Window. 

You can now close out of your System Preference Window.  You should now see the install window has opened and you can follow the install instructions.


7. Locating your Vita-Scribe software after installation.

Vita-Scribe software is installed into your Applications Folder. To locate go:

Finder Menu > Go > Applications Vita-Scribe should be located towards the bottom of the list.

From here you can double click to Open or “Drag & Drop” the Vita-Scribe App to your Dock for easy opening.

Congratulations, You are now ready to use your new Vita-Scribe program!

1. Purchase Vita Scribe Windows version on uses secure checkout on Paypal.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT – You can use the Pay with Debit or Credit Card button OR create an account (it is not mandatory to create account).


2.Once the payment has been made with PayPal, you will receive both a confirmation email from PayPal and Vita-Scribe. Shortly thereafter, you will receive a second email from Vita-Scribe when your payment has cleared. Included in this email will be a download link.

Note: Please make sure you are on the computer you want to install this software on. Licenses for this program are only for one machine!

Additional Note: Antivirus and firewall software will stop the download or damage the program during the download, making it impossible to install or activate your software. Please remember to re-activate this software immediately after installation and activation. (If you forget to deactivate one or both of the programs and your download is stopped or broken, you can try simply deactivate the Antivirus and firewall software and try the download link again.)

Depending on your browser, you may receive a warning about downloading the software. Click “Keep” to continue download.


3. Unzip the folder that contains your software and simply double click to begin the installation of the software package.

Windows 7 and 8 Note:  If you chose Run immediately after download, you will be presented a warning. If you selected save file, you will need to go into your downloads folder on your

computer, unzip the folder, and select VitaScribeSetup.exe and double click on it to being installation of the program. Click on the text “More Info” – DO NOT CLICK “OK” or you will lock yourself out of the program and Select “Run anyway” button.


4. During installation, you will see the option of placing an icon on the desktop. We recommend you CHECK this box for easy startup of the program in the future. If you are running Windows 10, you can later right click on the programs’ desktop icon and pin the program to your start or taskbar.

At the end of the installation, the program will ask if you wish to start the program. We recommend you do this, as you will be able to activate the software right away. If you choose not to start, you can activate it later on startup.

After installation, the program will startup. Be patient as it loads for the first time, as it may take up to a minute to get to startup for the first time.

Once the program opens you will be asked to Activate your software by entering the activation code. YOUR ACTIVATION CODE IS SYNCHRONIZED WITH YOUR ORDER NUMBER FOR SIMPLICITY. Simply enter your activation code/order number, with the “-“. Upon proper authentication, a message will display that the software has been activated.

Note: This software is licensed for use on one computer. Activation on a second computer can deactivate all copies of your software and potentially can delete all data in the software.

Congratulations, You are now ready to use your new Vita-Scribe program!

Company settings will display on your printouts for patient schedules, product details and inventory reports.
Doctors and Consultants can customize the Vita-Scribe printouts with their company information by going to the “Settings” button located at the top of the screen, on the right of the Products button.

Enter your company information including:

  1. company name
  2. office address
  3. phone number
  4. email address
  5. website address
  6. company logo*

*You can add your company logo to appear on your printouts in the space provided on the Company settings page by using drag and drop or click to search for your logo file on your computer. Your file needs to be saved as a PNG or JPG for best results.

Add A Patient & Patient Details
You will need to enter your patient information into your Vita-Scribe program. To ADD A PATIENT, go to the PATIENTS tab, and click on the PATIENT LIST tab. You should now see an ADD NEW PATIENT button on the right hand side, of the dark green bar, to the left of the printer icon. Clicking on the ADD NEW PATIENT button takes you to a new, blank PATIENT DETAILS page.

Vita-Scribe keeps track of important patient details and organizes them alphabetically by last name. Important information added to the Patient Detail section is also displayed in the Patient List. You can easily turn a patient to active or inactive on either the patient llist of details pages. Printouts of Patient Lists could easily be used for marketing campaigns, assess active customer base, reconnect with inactive patients.

Patient information records in Patient Details includes:

  1. evaluation date & next evaluation date
  2. patient name
  3. date of birth
  4. phone number
  5. email address
  6. allergies
  7. alerts – (will record in red text with yellow highlight)
  8. current supplements
  9. historical supplements

Delete a Patient
You can delete a patient from your Vita-Scribe software. To remove a patient, go to the PATIENTS button, then select the patient from the Patients List. At the bottom of the dark green Patient Detail area, located on the left hand side of your screen, you will find a “DELETE PATIENT” button.

WARNING: By deleting a patient, you are removing all patient details, contact information, nutritional schedules and historical information from the program. Once deleted, this information can not be restored. Vita-Scribe suggest turning the patient from active to inactive.

Patient Nutritional Schedule
The main task of Vita-Scribe is to record and organize your patient’s nutritional schedule information. By going into the Patient Details, you can add unlimited number of products to your patient’s nutritional schedule. Products can easily be removed from current supplement schedule and are placed into the patient’s historical list. Products can also be selected as an End Regimen or Single use.

Patient’s Current Nutritional Schedules:

  1. list product names
  2. quantity and type of product prescribed
  3. date product was started
  4. when and how many to take
  5. how many bottles are needed for next 30 days
  6. automatically calculates estimated refill date
  7. notes from doctor to patient
  8. Single Use and End Regimen options
  9. print out or create a PDF of Nutritional Schedule for patient

Historical List
Access your patient’s historical records by going to Patients > Patient Details> and clicking on the History tab. Once a product is removed from a patient’s current nutritional schedule, it is placed into the patient’s Historical List. The Historical List files product records chronologically, by date most recently removed showing at the top of the page. Items in the historical list can not be removed, or turned back to active. If you would like to prescribe that item to the patient again, simply add that product again from the current supplement screen. If you remove that product again, both records will be recorded independently, in chronological order by date removed. Items in the historical list are not calculated into the product inventory list requirements.

Remove a Product from Nutritional Schedule
To remove a product from a patient’s current nutritional schedule, simply click the green REMOVE button located in the upper right corner. There is a REMOVE button listed within each product pod. Once a product is removed from the current nutritional schedule it will appear in the patient’s historical list. Items can not be removed from the historical list.

Product Data
Vita-Scribe comes with a database of over 700 products. You can also add additional products and manufactures.

When using the software the first time, we recommend that you set products that you do not use to inactive, rather than deleting a product. This will allow you to reactive products that you may take on in the future.By making products inactive, they will remain in the system, but they will not show up in your inventory or in the drop down list under Patient Current Supplement. This makes it much easier, as you will not have to scroll through products you do not use.

In addition, if you use a product that already exists in Vita-Scribe, but your supplier is a different company, you can easily change the manufacturer from the ones in our system to your specific supplier. At most, you may have to adjust a few details in the individual product settings.

Product List Page
The PRODUCT LIST page displays all active products, by all manufactures. You can also display all inactive products by all manufactures by clicking on the INACTIVE button located in the dark green bar above the product list. The lists are displayed alphabetically from A-Z, and shows product name, manufacture item number, quantity and form, manufacture, and active status.

From the PRODUCT LIST page you can:

  1. view active products list
  2. view inactive products list
  3. search for a product
  4. add a new product
  5. make a product active or inactive
  6. print your active or inactive product list

Add New Product
You can customize Vita-Scribe with any number of products from any number of manufactures you choose. You can Add A New Product from either the PRODUCTS LIST or PRODUCTS DETAILS pages. Simply click on the ADD NEW PRODUCT button, located in the upper right of the screen, just left of the Printer Icon.

When adding a new product you will be taken to a new, blank PRODUCT DETAILS page, where you can enter the following details:

  1. product name
  2. quantity per unit
  3. product form
  4. product details
  5. product precautions
  6. set desired stock level
  7. set current inventory
  8. set manufacture
  9. manufacture phone number
  10. your account number with the manufacturer or supplier

Recomendation: When adding a new product, it is helpful to include the quantity number and form to the PRODUCT NAME, for example: A-F Betafood – 350T or A-F Betafood – 90T. Thsi is especially helpful if you carry products with varying quantities or sizes.

Delete A Product
You can delete any product by using the DELETE PRODUCT button located on the PRODUCT DETAILS page. Find the product you would like to delete in the PRODUCTS LIST, and double click on the name. This will take you to that product’s detail page. The DELETE PRODUCT button is on the left hand side of the screen, next to the ACTIVE listing, above Product Details box.

Product Details
By double clicking on a Product Name on the Product List, you will be taken to that product’s detail page. Here you will find all the information for that product. This is also one of the places where you set the desired stock level and current inventory for each product. You can print a PRODUCT DETAILS page to give to patients, which includes your company name, logo and contact information, along with the product details (the printout does not include your manufacture account number or phone number).

Vita-ScribeProductDetailsProduct Details Page:

  1. view and edit product name
  2. quantity (per bottle)
  3. product form (tablet, liquid, bar, box, packet, etc)
  4. product manufacture number
  5. active or inactive
  6. set desired stock level
  7. update current inventory
  8. manufacturer’s name
  9. manufacturer’s phone number
  10. your account number for that manufacturer
  11. product details*
  12. product precautions

* The statements listed in the product details have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Adding a Manufacturer
To Add a Manufacturer to your Vita-Scribe program you need to start by either adding a new product or going into the detail of an existing product. On the product detail page, you can click on the drop down arrow next to the Manufacturer field and select “EDIT…”
In the pop-up window:

  1. hit your “RETURN” key* below the last manufacturer listed
  2. type the new manufacturer’s name and click “OK”
  3. enter Manufacture’s phone number and Account number in the specified fields. (This step only needs to be done one time, and will automatically apply to any other products from that manufacture)

*Note: when entering a new manufacturer, you must have each manufacturer name on its own line, and do not place extra spaces in between.

Manufacturer Account and Phone Number: You can set account and phone number for each Manufacturer you choose to purchase from. This information will show up at the top of your inventory order report printout, keeping all of your ordering needs in one place.

One of the main benefits of Vita-Scribe is the ease in which to track your supplement inventory.The program calculates your ongoing inventory needs based off of the amount of product necessary to supply to your patients and can even be adjusted to allow a set amount of product to remain on your shelf for walk-in or last minute orders. With this information in hand, you know what your order needs are, so that you can contact your product vendor with confidence and not worry about running out, having to throw out expired product, or pay for a rush delivery.

Product Inventory Page
In addition to Vita-Scribe recording your patient details and nutritional schedules, the software also calculates product order needs. To locate the product inventory page, you need to click on PRODUCTS button at the top of the screen, then the INVENTORY tab.
The INVENTORY page defaults to show all active Standard Process products. Products are listed alphabetically from A – Z, by manufacture. You can select to view active products by other manufactures by clicking the button in front of the manufacture name, just above the product list.

The INVENTORY page displays:

  1. products by name
  2. manufacture item number
  3. quantity and form
  4. patient needs requirements

In the INVENTORY page you can:

  1. adjust the desired stock of products
  2. adjust the current inventory of products
  3. print product order form by manufacture

Calculating Order Requirements
To calculate order requirements for your product inventory, you need to have the product entered into the system, have the desired stock level set, and the current inventory set for each active item. The INVENTORY is based on 30 Days, not number of calendar days.

  • Remember that Single Use products placed in patient history and items listed under inactive patients are not calculated in the inventory order requirement totals.
  • End Regimen products will also be calculated in inventory requirements up to the end regimen date which is set per patient.

Quickly add, edit or update your inventory needs for each product from the Inventory Screen, found under Products. Simply click on a product and type your “Desired Stock Level” and/or “Current Inventory” in the entry field.

You can also set your Desired Stock Level or the Current Inventory within the Product Details screen.

Setting Current Product Inventory
Vita-Scribe calculates product inventory requirements, and an order report can be printed for easy ordering. The Current Inventory must be set to properly calculate inventory needs. Current Inventory is the number of units, of a particular product you already have on hand.
To set the Current Inventory go to Inventory tab under PRODUCTS.

Setting Desired Stock Level for a Product
The Desired Stock Level is the number of retail units you want to keep on hand, of a particular product, at all times. The Desired Stock Level must be set to calculate the needed inventory order requirements, even if it is set to zero. You can Set the Desired Stock Level for any of the products from the Inventory tab or on the Product Details Screen.

Vita-Scribe has easy to read, printout sheets for patient schedules, patient lists, products, and inventory. Printouts are customized with your company logo, name and contact information from the company settings page. Easily customize your printouts by going to the “Settings” button on top of screen. Printouts display the title of what is being print in bold at the top of the page, for example ” Nutritional Schedule for Peter Schmitt”. Printouts also display the date they are printed. The product inventory printout can also include your company’s account number and manufacture’s phone number keeping all your ordering information in one place where it can be quickly found.

Save as a PDF
You can save a printout as a PDF file, and keep on your computer or email to a patient. Any window which has a Printer Icon can either be printed OR saved as a PDF file.

To Save a Print Screen as a PDF file on a MAC:

  1. click on the Printer Icon (normally located in the upper right corner of the screen)
  2. this opens a new print window, locate and click on the “Save as PDF” icon (usually located towards top of window in the center, red and white document icon).
  3. enter the name of the file in the “SAVE AS” field
  4. select a place to save the file to (defaults to your computers document folder)
  5. set any file options, click on the “OPTIONS” button
  6. click on the “SAVE” button, towards bottom right

To Save a Print Screen as a PDF file on Windows:

  1. From the page you want to print, Click on the Print Icon in the upper right of the screen,
  2. then click on the Print Button at the top of the print screen.
  3. in the print pop-up window, select “Save as PDF…” from the PDF drop-down menu in the lower left of the window.

Single Use Product
The Single Use function is for products you are prescribing to a patient for a single use, either 30 days, or an item the patient will not need to refill. By checking the box by Single Use, that product will automatically be placed into the patient history and will not be calculated into your product inventory requirements.

End Regimen Product
End Regimen function works similar to Single Use, however with End Regimen function you can select an end date. To use this function on a particular product, simply type in or select a date from the drop down calendar. The product will be added to the inventory requirements until the end date. Once the product reaches the end date it will automatically be moved to the historical list and will no longer be calculated into the 30 day inventory.